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Water Features ideas For Small Gardens

As we see summer on the horizon, we are all itching to get back outdoors and get our yards warm-weather ready. Whether you are looking to give your yard a complete remodel or just want to spruce it up in time for the new season, adding a water feature in your yard it the best way to make a design statement without going over the top. Here are are few water feature ideas that are best for small gardens.

Soaking Tubs

Think of a soaking tub just like a bathtub in your own home. However, this as an outdoor landscape element, so it is used for birds, butterflies and more to spend the day soaking. Soaking tubs are a great feature to any garden – not only will they help to attract butterflies for pollination, but they are simply beautiful to look at.


What complements a garden better than a fountain? As the hallmark water feature, they are a must when considering a new design feature for your garden. Slick Rock Concrete can make a concrete fountain with your individual aesthetic in mind for your backyard.

Concrete Basins

Last but certainly not least, concrete basins add a beautiful modern touch to any garden. These basins pair great with any other concrete planters you might have. Furthermore, the concrete basins at Slick Rock Concrete come in our designated spill series – the original spill, conical spill, half spill, square spill or box spill.

So are you ready to get your backyard ready for summer? Contact Slick Rock Concrete today to decide which water feature is best for your small garden. A new water feature can put the finishing touch on your yard and encourage you to spend even more time outside in the spring.