PSD Bench

Slick Rock’s concrete bollard beautifies while providing security protection. These concrete barricades meet airport and large venue standards. As certified Perimeter Safety Devices, they beautify and protect at the same time. Our Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) is made of High-Performance Concrete (HPC). This proprietary blend includes cement, pozzolans, sand, water, and aggregates. Our solutions are a unique, personalized addition to their residential or commercial projects. Our bollards have character and a rare visual texture. Protected by a one-year warranty. Landscape professionals, designers and architects are just some of the end users who make Slick Rock their first stop for their concrete bollard needs.

Trash Receptacle

Take your commercial space to the next level and complete your modern landscape design with our new concrete trash cans. Available in 12 colors, the trash receptacles come with a liner and flat lid. Perfect for parks, resorts, and other public outdoor areas.