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Stylish and Functional Perimeter Safety Devices

Perimeter safety is a top concern for many establishments from airports to school campuses. Protecting pedestrians and infrastructure can be achieved by installing concrete bollards. While bollards are largely utilized for their security and safety functionality, they can also be a stylistic addition to any institution.

Functionality of Concrete Security Devices

Bollards are concrete posts that are used as a barrier to vehicles and to regulate traffic. When shopping at your favorite retail center, you may have noticed the evenly spaced concrete structures that line the front of the building. These bollards are strategically placed to protect patrons and the building from a runaway vehicle or an intentional vehicle attack.

Bollards are also helpful in regulating traffic flow and vehicle access in high traffic locations like airports, event venues and universities. Financial institutions use bollards to protect assets by preventing intentional theft. Another functionality of bollards is to indicate parking and non-parking areas and to reduce or eliminate vehicle traffic. Concrete bollards are an excellent means of perimeter protection, which is why you want the most reliable option for concrete security devices.

About Slick Rock’s Perimeter Safety Devices (PSD)

Each Slick Rock perimeter safety device is handcrafted from specially formulated Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC). This proprietary mixture consists of cement, pozzolans, sand, water and aggregates.  This special concrete blend makes our PSDs twice as strong as others on the market. In fact, they are strong enough to stop a semi-truck. In addition to durability, every Slick Rock PSD meets airport and large venue regulations. While our standard PSDs measure 64” x 22.75” and weigh 5,000 pounds, we offer the ability for customization.

Functionality Meets Style

Not only do our PSDs offer security and perimeter protection, but they also provide beautification. Slick Rock’s bollards are available in the form of a bench or planter to spruce up any outdoor space. Our standard PSD bench can be used on school campuses as a resting place or study spot for students, while also keeping their safety in mind. The Slick Rock PSD planter adds a touch of greenery for a more appealing and functional security structure. With 18 beautiful colors to choose from, our PSDs are customizable to fit in any space. Additional customization includes etching, logos and sandblasting for a more personal touch to this unique concrete bollard.

Contact Slick Rock Concrete to get started on your unique concrete landscape element for perimeter safety.