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Must-Haves For Your New Pool

Building a new pool is an exciting time. You know you’re in store for new memories, stories and lots of laughter. Whether it’s laying by the pool with a glass of lemonade or hosting your child’s flamingo-themed birthday party – your pool elements will always be the main focus.

Choosing the right features is essential in creating the right atmosphere for your new backyard. Here are three must-haves for your new pool that will have people swimming your way!

Water and Fire Bowl

A modern take on tiki-torches, this stylish bowl can be customized to fit any atmosphere for any occasion. These two elements complement each other seamlessly for optimal use in every season. Each water and fire bowl is designed to match a perfect-for-you look with a variety of colors, textures, and sizes.

Swim-Up Bar

Do you enjoy entertaining? The swim-up bar is a great fit for those looking to have a resort feel without actually building a resort! Each bar can be customized to fit any occasion at any time. Swim-up bars additionally provide a space for guests to discard plates, food, drinks, and other miscellaneous items from a swim away.

Custom Spa

A spa is one of the most popular additions to a pool. It can be used to warm up a chilly night or relax those overworked muscles. Spas can also come with their own separate features. This includes anywhere from alternating lights, different jet intensities, and high-tech entertainment systems. Add a drink or two, and you’re good to go!

There are multiple amenities a pool can have, but the above three can do wonders for your outside environment. Slick Rock Concrete can not only achieve your landscaping needs, but we also guarantee a long-lasting, professional experience from start to finish. Trust Slick Rock. Your new pool awaits!