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The Right Media Option For Your Fire Pit: Fire Glass vs. Lava Rocks

Looking for something to enhance your outdoor space? Adding a fire pit is the way to go! But now your next question is – which media option do you want? There is a variety of options to choose from including fire glass and lava rocks. Let’s compare these two, so you can see which is best suited for your wants and needs with the space you have!

Fire glass has a polished texture that prevents sharp edges and also gives off a shiny finish. This tempered glass is meant to handle high temperatures – meaning it pairs well with gas fire pits. This also means it does an excellent job at keeping your fire pit hot and dispersing the heat evenly. Another positive to choosing fire glass is that the texture and color of the pieces will not change due to being used frequently. The glass pieces are non-toxic and will not leave behind any ash or soot, which is great for keeping the outdoor area clean.

Lava rocks, on the other hand, are known for being very porous and light. Due to the porous texture, they contain no moisture – and do not hold any heat in. If you’re considering strictly decorating your fire pit, lava rocks are the way to go. Lava rocks come in various sizes and colors and are typically known for giving off a rustic look. Our Oasis Oval Fire Bowl is best paired with lava or fire rocks. It is a uniquely shaped fire pit that will add a gorgeous and luxurious touch.

At Slick Rock Concrete, we offer fire bowls in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Still not seeing exactly what you’re looking for? We accept custom orders, as well! No matter the size or finish you want, we can build it for you!

Can’t decide which media option is best for your fire pit? Contact Slick Rock Concrete today, and we’ll help you decide how to transform your outdoor living space.