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Concrete Safety Bollards for Schools

Security bollards for schools serve a variety of purposes. They help reduce vehicle accidents or clarify where parking is or isn’t allowed. They can also provide perimeter safety at entry and exit points. All of these things protect pedestrians, vehicles and the entire school itself.

Slick Rock’s concrete barriers are functional art, able to stop a semi truck while beautifying campuses at the same time. A single concrete bollard can be a planter, perimeter safety device and bench all at once. When used as a planter, they also become a landscaping element. When used as a bench, they become a resting spot for pedestrians. Most importantly, when used as a concrete barricade they can keep schools a safe place to be.

Concrete Security Bollards

Twice as strong as other pre-cast in the market, our concrete is a proprietary mixture of cement, aggregates, pozzolans, sand, and water. While our standard concrete bollards are 64” x 22.75” and 5,000 pounds, we can create a custom solution for any situation.

Choose from 18 available colors or let us customize your colors. We also offer logos, sandblasting and etching to provide a truly specialized look. This makes school colors and mascot logos possible, enhancing the aesthetics of your campus while providing safety at the same time.

  • Outperforms pre-cast in flexural, tensile strengths and PSI ratings
  • Solvent-based low-VOC sealer meets ASTM requirements
  • Materials are locally and regionally sourced

About Slick Rock

Based in Boerne, Texas, Slick Rock was founded in 2014 and ships its products around the world, from England to Saudi Arabia. Airports, retail centers and master planned communities are just some of the applications of our concrete bollards and planters. Our products have been featured on House Crashers, Extreme Makeover and much more. Fiberglass molds and artisan colors are just a couple of ways Slick Rock products are unique. Upon request, they can be made of mostly recycled material, making it a great product for sustainable builders. Additionally and most importantly, the strength of our concrete barriers is unmatched.