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A Guide to Outdoor Fire Features

Concrete fire bowls and fire tables offer an electrifying, backyard experience. Whether you’re looking for functionality or just a tasteful addition to your landscape, outdoor fire features give your residential or commercial space a luxurious flair. Here are a few options to consider.

Fire Bowls

Crafted with top-quality cast concrete, fire bowls are a beautiful way to transform a fire pit into an elegant design piece without spending a fortune. Fire bowls run on propane or natural gas, which makes them safe and easy to operate. Slick Rock Concrete offers three different styles of fire bowls: the Oasis Fire Bowl, the Oasis Oval Fire Bowl and the RidgeLine Fire Bowl. With options allowing you to customize your fire bowl by size, specification and color, you are guaranteed a piece that will work for any outdoor space.

Fire Tables

Fire tables are an innovative and decorative way to modernize your backyard space. Slick Rock Concrete offers two types of fire tables that provide versatility and style. The Oasis Fire Table’s efficient design uses the wooden mahogany top as a trendy serving section and doubles as a way to hide the propane tank underneath. Similar to the Oasis Fire Table, the Horizon Fire Table hides the propane tank with a concrete tank cover. These tables are perfect for outdoor gatherings and cozy nights by the fire.

Fire + Water Bowls

Fire + Water Bowls add a unique touch to your outdoor landscape. The cascade feature is an excellent addition to swimming pools and fountains. There are two setups offered for the Cascade Fire and Water Bowl: Fire on Glass and Fire on Water. The Cascade Fire on Glass configuration incorporates fire, water and glass crystals to create a stunning performance. The Cascade Fire on Water configuration allows the fire to dance along the water’s surface and give your space a regal touch.

Create a space you love with the help of Slick Rock Concrete. Order online, or contact us today to learn more about how we can transform your space into an outdoor oasis.