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7 Reasons Why People Prefer Cascade Water Bowls

Whether you are looking to spruce up your outdoor entertainment area or looking to upgrade the aesthetics of your pool, you should consider a water feature as the focal point of your space. Our Cascade Water Bowls offer a customizable look perfect for any situation. But don’t just take our word for it, here are 7 reasons why people prefer our Cascade Water Bowls.

1. Spillways

Slick Rock’s metal inserts not only add a decorative touch to complement your concrete water bowl but also ensure the even, uniform flow of water into your pool. Available in copper, stainless and now powder coat colors.

2. Scuppers

Similar in function and aesthetic to spillways, however, scuppers have the added feature of preventing the bowl from filling the water. Perfect for planters with water elements like Slick Rock’s Cascade Water + Planter, and fire features with water elements like the Cascade Fire Bowls.

3. Made From 15000 PSI Concrete

Not only unique but strong, Slick Rock’s water bowls are proven to withstand the tests of nature and time.

4. Fire And Water Options

Enjoy the combination of fire and water with Slick Rock’s concrete Cascade Water + Fire Bowls. Our Cascade Water series offers the traditional option of flame on glass and for a truly unique look, you can also choose a design with fire on water.

5. Drastically Reduced Shipping Costs

Our Cascade Water Bowls are designed to ship stacked, which means we can ship more product per shipment. With Slick Rock, you can pay to ship one and up to 19 additional water bowls for free.

6. Amazing Color Selection

From essential colors like coal-gray and buff to more vivid tones like copper or seafoam, you have a wide variety of colors to choose from for an elegant finish on your water bowl.

7. Easy To Use Order Form

Not only can you order your Cascade Water Bowls with our user-friendly online order form, but Slick Rock now has a convenient order desk form in which you can place your order. This order form walks you through everything you need from start to finish.

Our Cascade Water Bowls make for a great addition to any outdoor space. If you have any questions about any of our other water features contact us or request your quote today!