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3 Benefits of Using Concrete Planters

Thinking of spicing up your outdoor space with a few potted plants or adding to your already flourishing garden? Whether your nursery is young or mature, vast or modest, indoors or out, we know you want to grow your seedlings in the best possible environment. With so many choices of planters made from various materials, learning the benefits of concrete will make your decision effortless. These customizable and versatile pots are waiting to become a unique staple in your contemporary living room or a modern ornament in your backyard.


Concrete planters are long-lasting and environmentally friendly investments. Concrete is heavy and able to withstand elements such as wind or rain. You won’t have to worry about your plants being ruined or uprooted from getting knocked over. Our formula at Slick Rock creates a mix heavy enough to remain durable without being totally immovable. In addition, because concrete’s color is uniform, your planter won’t be any less visually appealing in the event of it ever getting chipped or damaged.


We offer a variety of colors for you to choose from, but cement is typically lighter in color and better for the roots of your plants since darker colors absorb sunlight and heat. The density of concrete promotes insulation and will keep the soil surrounding your plants warm during cold weather. Thick walls create a barrier to prevent water leakage from planters, which would cause damage to your home, patio, or planter itself.


For heavier plants and trees, concrete planters are ideal because of their weight and volume. Sizeable greenery requires a deep vessel to allow their roots enough room to grow without crowding. A large planter with an attractive design can expand the size of your garden drastically or provide the perfect juxtaposition to fill the empty space in your home. Compared to other materials, concrete creates a more elegant atmosphere perfect in any situation.

Our handcrafted products at Slick Rock are made using fiberglass molds allowing us to pour to perfection with precision and utmost care. We provide a variety of creations that vary in shape and size including planters, fire bowls, bollards and more. However, if you are looking for a specific feel or unique design, we offer custom concrete planters. Check out our concrete products or contact us to discuss custom creations.