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10 Reasons Why Ridgeline Fire Bowls Are Better

Looking for a way to spice up your outdoor living space? Our RidgeLine Fire Bowl is a great way to enhance any entertainment area. They deliver warmth while looking sleek and modern. Do you need some more reasons to love this one of a kind concrete product, well here’s ten more!

1. Built-In Vents

Overheating due to improper ventilation is the #1 cause of electric burner failure. Slick Rock’s RidgeLine Fire Bowls feature built-in vents for proper airflow and cooling.

2. Field Serviceable Fire Units

Slick rock Concrete now offers field serviceable replacement parts. Simply unplug the worn part in your RidgeLine Fire Bowl and plug in a new one.

3. Easy Installation

Our fire units are able to be pre-assembled outside of the RidgeLine Fire Bowl and simply set directly onto the built-in ridge for the right fit and flame every time.

4. Made From 15000 PSI Concrete

Not only unique but strong, Slick Rock’s fire bowls are proven to withstand the tests of nature and time.

5. Drastically Reduce Shipping

Our RidgeLine fire bowls are designed to ship stacked. With Slick Rock, you pay to ship one and up to 19 additional bowls ship for free.

6. Power Options

Slick Rock’s RidgeLine Fire Bowls have wired or battery options available. For effortless operation, they are remote and Bluetooth compatible.

7. Pre-Approved Listed Fire Appliance

Slick rock is ahead of the curve in preparations for the upcoming appliance regulation mandating that not only the fire burner be listed, but the combination of fire burner and bowl be listed as an appliance.

8. High Heat Resistant Concrete

Slick Rock’s RidgeLine Fire Bowls are cast with premium concrete to endure elevated temperatures on a daily basis.

9. Amazing Color Selection

From essential colors like coal-gray and buff to more vivid tones like copper or seafoam, you have a wide variety of colors to choose from for an elegant finish on your water bowl.

10. Easy To Use Order Form

Not only can you order your Cascade Water Bowls with our user-friendly online order form, but Slick Rock now has a convenient order desk form in which you can place your order. This order form walks you through everything you need from start to finish.

Our fire bowls are guaranteed eye-catchers! Check out more of our concrete fire features and see for yourself why our products are everyone’s favorites. If you have any questions or want a custom concrete creation of your own contact us or request a quote.