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Our commercial concrete planters and commercial concrete pots are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. From traditional to contemporary, Slick Rock planters add style and sophistication to commercial constructions design, as unique accent pieces that add depth and color. With our unique variations to choose from and 18 vibrant colorants, whether you are looking for a traditional, contemporary or modern design, our concrete planters have you covered for any large-scale landscape architectural projects. Order yours today!

About our commercial concrete planters and pots

Bell Series

These large concrete basins make for a perfect fit across just about any commercial application. Whether you are looking for a truly one of a kind feature to stand alone, or to act as a separation between pedestrian and vehicular traffic, our bell series will give you a custom stained contemporary look that truly stands out from the crowd.

Bouquet Series

With a very unique and tapered rim that makes plantings stand out and shout, our bouquet series of commercial concrete planters and commercial planter pots will add a contemporary look to your landscape design. The medium-sized, slim bouquet series work well against any background, as a standalone feature or in a group alongside our other concrete planters.

Square Series

Our concrete planters within the square series offer a unique size and shape, accompanied with custom coloring as well as sealing, that is often used in public settings to separate vehicular traffic from that of pedestrian traffic. These four-sided commercial concrete planters and large concrete flower pots are available in oversized square and rectangular shapes that will give any cityscape a contemporary vessel for that truly unique touch.

Wave Series

Slick Rock’s selection of wave concrete pots give a fashionable, modern design touch to any commercial application. The waved rim provides a beautiful, custom look that truly accents your landscape and is found to be very popular amongst commercial concrete planters in Texas and California. Our medium basin size and shape pairs exceptionally well with our other concrete pots and is often used with water features and fire bowls.

Classic Series

Available in a variety of sizes, our classic concrete planter and concrete pot series give your landscape a traditional touch that you will find is a perfect accent for both residential or commercial settings. Stained with one of our 18 standard colorants, these concrete basins pair well with corporate, municipal and multi-family applications.

9’ Series

Our 9’ oversized concrete pot series are large commercial planter pots that will frame your landscape elements with a unique rim that truly give your flowers and other plantings a dignified look. Working great to separate pedestrian traffic from vehicular traffic, the 9’ oversized planters make a statement as a stand-alone feature, as well as when you group with many of our other concrete planters.

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