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Modern Commercial Site Furnishing Options

If you’re looking to update your commercial space, Slick Rock Concrete has a variety of designs for trash receptacles and planters that will add function and flair to every area. Hand cast by Texas artisans, these protective and unique site furnishings are designed to enhance any environment.

Concrete Trash Receptacles

Trash cans can be an eyesore. With the right design, however, they can add a unique style to your outdoor space. Our trash receptacles are perfect for public outdoor areas like parks and resorts. The functionality and design of the receptacle are what make our products so popular. The trash receptacles come with a linear and flat lid and are designed with one of 12 color options of your choice.

PSD Bench

A perimeter safety device (PSD) bench serves as a protective barricade at airports and large venues, such as concerts. Our PSD benches are made from a blend of cement, sand, pozzolans, aggregates and water. The glass fiber reinforced concrete adds beauty, as well as protection, for these venues. If you’re looking to add some greenery to the bench, the PSD bench planter holds the perfect space for plants. The PSD bench and the PSD bench planter both come in 12 colors and are protected by a one year warranty.

Concrete Planters

Large scale or small, our concrete planters can add style and elegance to any residential or commercial area. Our styles range from traditional to contemporary and can be custom colored and branded. Design options range from the Classic Planter, which offers a more traditional feel to options like the Bell Planter, which acts as a barricade between vehicles and pedestrians. The Wave Planter, Square Planter and Bouquet Planter are also popular features. These pieces can be stand-alone or alongside other concrete planters. They can also be paired with the fire and water features we offer, as well.

Whatever you’re looking for, the Slick Rock Concrete designs and colors are sure to please. Contact us today to learn more about how our site furnishings can transform your space.