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Best Places For Your New Fire Table

Fall is here, whether the fall weather has arrived just yet or not. Either way, you may have considered adding an elegant fire pit to your backyard to prepare for cooler weather. Concrete fire features are a great way to enhance any outdoor space and provide a source of warmth to cozy up next to. Before you can enjoy your new fire pit table, it is important to consider safety when choosing an installation location. Here are a few things to keep in mind with the placement of your fire element.

Oasis Fire Bowl

The Oasis Fire Bowl promotes a unique bowl concept that houses live flames. This specific fire feature is versatile with the option to add a wooden top cover, which serves as a tabletop. Even if you plan to utilize the top cover often, fire tables should never be placed too close to other structures. As a general rule, place your fire table a minimum of 10-20 feet away from your house, your neighbor’s yard and other similar structures. Short distances between your fire table and another structure can be dangerous and a potential fire hazard.

Oasis Fire Table

One of Slick Rock’s more impressive fire features is the Oasis Fire Table, which features a mahogany top that can be used as a tabletop. In addition to the stylish appearance of the wood top paired with concrete, the mahogany top can be removed to reveal a storage space for a propane tank, concealing the tank within the table – instead of outside the unit. Just as it is important to be aware of the distance of your fire table to other objects, fire tables should not be placed below low overhangs that can easily catch fire, such as tree branches, roof lines or pergolas.

Horizon Fire Table

If you are strictly interested in a fire pit, the Horizon Fire Table is a great option. The contemporary square design is a perfect addition to any landscape. It comes with a concrete tank cover, which hides and protects propane tanks. Every Slick Rock fire table is crafted from premium concrete, which can endure high temperatures. Although your fire table can handle the heat, it is important to remember that your patio deck cannot. It is unsafe to place your fire pit on a wooden or vinyl deck as they can easily catch fire. It is best to place your fire pit on a surface made of brick, concrete, stone or other fire-resistant material.

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