Slick Rock Commercial Concrete Planters

Slick Rock Superior Strength Concrete

Slick Rock Superior Strength Concrete (SRSSC)

Slick Rock is proud to craft both the Cascade Series and RidgeLine Series with its proprietary superior strength concrete. Products made with SRSSC will withstand the tests of nature and time. In a drop test, SRSSC planters withstood more than 255 drops from waist high without any catastrophic failure.

Strong Enough to Stack and Ship

They’re also strong enough to stack without being damaged during delivery. This allows you to purchase and stack up to 20 petite planters or water features while only paying the shipping cost for one! This option is perfect for larger commercial and residential landscaping projects. To learn more about Slick Rock Superior Strength Concrete or to purchase your concrete planters today, contact our dedicated team via phone or online submission.